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10 rescued, 5 dead in central China building collapse

Rescuers pull out the tenth survivor, a female, from the debris at around 12:00 am Thursday, about 132 hours after the collapse occurred. (PHOTO/XINHUA)

CHANGSHA – Ten people have been rescued and five others died after a self-built residential structure collapsed in Central China's Hunan province on April 29, rescuers said early Thursday.

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At around 12:00 am Thursday, the tenth survivor, a female, was pulled out alive from the debris about 132 hours after the collapse occurred.

The survivor was conscious and could even remind rescuers to avoid acts that might hurt her, according to the rescuers at the scene of the operation.

The rescuers detected signs of life through traditional methods, such as shouting, knocking, and sniffer dogs, as well as life detectors and drones, said Liang Buge, an emergency expert.

The building collapse happened in Wangcheng District in the provincial capital, Changsha. A total of 23 people are believed to be trapped in the building and 39 others near the site were missing, according to a preliminary investigation.