China’s Tianzhou-3 cargo craft re-enters atmosphere

This simulated image captured at Beijing Aerospace Control Center on July 17, 2022 shows the Tianzhou-3 cargo craft separating from the orbiting station combination. (GUO ZHONGZHENG / XINHUA)

BEIJING – China's Tianzhou-3 cargo craft re-entered the atmosphere in a controlled manner at 11:31 am (Beijing Time) Wednesday, according to the China Manned Space Agency.

Most of the spacecraft's components burned up during the re-entry, and a small amount of its debris fell into the scheduled safe waters of the South Pacific, the CMSA said.

Launched on Sept 20, 2021, the Tianzhou-3 cargo craft delivered about 6 tonnes of supplies to the country's space station. While in orbit, the cargo craft conducted two rendezvous and docking operations with the combination of the Tianhe core module, and carried out a test flight circling the space station.

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After its separation from the Tianhe combination on July 17, it carried out space technology tests, accumulating important experience for the in-orbit construction as well as the operation and management of the space station.