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Exploring digital transformation of Yunnan’s industries

Yu Yuqi, chairman of Miaoxian San Qi Ltd, introduces the San Qi Di Industrial Internet Platform to representatives from more than 10 of China's frontline digital economy companies. (PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY)

Representatives from more than 10 of the country’s frontline digital economy companies visited Wenshan and Honghe prefectures of Yunnan recently to discuss ways of cooperation with the local communities to leverage digital technologies in order to transform and upgrade local industries.

The companies included ByteDance, Alibaba Cloud, Ant Financial, SenseTime, China Electronics Corporation, Haier Group and Huochain. 

The delegation members discussed various solutions with local producers to boost trust and promote brands. They also held two symposiums with the authorities of two prefectures. 

You can find various directions, projects or products to integrate digital technologies with production, transaction and management processes with traditional industries …

Hong Zhenghua, Party secretary of Honghe prefecture, Yunnan

The delegation conducted field visits to leading producers of San Qi, a key Chinese herbal medicine, Jianshui Pottery, Zhuhua flowers and Mile Tourism Towns. 

Officials from Yunnan Branch of China Development Bank accompanied the delegation during the Aug 20-23 visit. 

Chen Ming, Party secretary of Wenshan prefecture, expressed his hope that the entrepreneurs would give full play to their corporate advantages and cooperate with Wenshan in areas such as smart factory, smart transportation, smart scenic spots, and smart water services.

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He emphasized the need to make small starts in order to achieve tangible results for different applications of blockchain technologies. 

Introducing Honghe prefecture’s economic landscape and digital economy, Hong Zhenghua, Party secretary of the prefecture, said with a GDP totaling 241.7 billion yuan (US$37 billion) in 2020, the current Digital Honghe plan focuses on four areas. They are: promoting the development smart cities in Mengzi, Gejiu, Kaiyuan and Jianshui; promoting the traceability of agricultural products such as fruits, flowers, and animal husbandry; building influential tourism destinations and using digital technology to deepen value chains among scenic spots, commodities and tourists; and promoting cross-border e-commerce and relevant industries. 

“You can find various directions, projects or products to integrate digital technologies with production, transaction and management processes with traditional industries. Only the effective integrations could digital technologies help accelerate the development of digital economies in Honghe prefecture,” Hong told the entrepreneurs, urging them to support Honghe.  Kaiyuan Digital Flower Industry Platform (PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY)

Yunnan Zhonglian (Convention Chain) Digital Industry Development Co Ltd, which operates Yunnan Blockchain Center, organized the field trip.

“The establishment of a blockchain center in Yunnan province aspires to enable Yunnan to become a blockchain application testing ground and a leading national base of blockchain industry,” the company said in a statement.

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“A breakthrough in industrial applications bears critical importance in developing the blockchain industry. To achieve that, building a whole-process tracing and trading platform in Yunnan province is a top priority. It is key to promote the ecological, digital, and brand upgrades of mid-to-high-end agriculture, handicrafts and jewelry industries in Yunnan province.”

The goal is to rebuild “Trust System” for a virtuous industrial eco-system, in which “high-quality products sell in high prices” and “good money drives out bad,” added the company.