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The Difference between Distributing press releases and Pitching the Press

If people are new to Public Relations (PR), SEAPRWire will work with people to understand the difference between distributing a news release and pitching the press. Distributing a Press Release: This marketing initiative involves writing a 1-2 page news release announcement for their company, uploading it to one of the online news release distribution services, […]

Realbox launches one of the world’s first blockchain-based real estate tokenization platforms

London, UK, January 20, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Realbox is launching one of the world’s first blockchain-based real estate tokenization platforms. Their technology gives retail investors the opportunity to share ownership in global real estate investments, without incurring expensive costs and going through complicated transactions. Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm via the decentralized finance […]

How Do SEAPRWire Conduct PR Distribution in the Age of Coronavirus

Entering 2022, SEAPRWire still cannot predict when the coronavirus will disappear. With coronavirus affecting every aspect of our lives personally and professionally, how should publicists and companies think about PR and news releases during these sensitive and uncertain times? For one, PR professionals and online marketers are fortunate that all of us can do our […]

Slime Royale Announces to Receive Strategic Investment and Incubation Support from Appota Group

Hanoi, Vietnam, January 20, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Slime Royale, the NFT game project with an adorable 3D graphics style – announces to receive strategic investment and incubation support from Appota Group. A Trustworthy Partnership To ensure the growth potential of Slime Royale In early 2022, the NFT game project Slime Royale officially announced that it had received strategic investment and […]

CheckDot Announces the Launch of Its Platform Which Will Save Crypto Industry

Paris, France, January 20, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Recently, CheckDot has announced the launch of its platfrom which will save the crypto industry. CheckDot is a platform where a large number of projects are listed and rated according to criteria such as age, social network verification, code quality, ease of finding information, transaction fees and many other […]

MyTVchain Announces Closure of $880k Private Seed Round

Sports webTV and blockchain platform close their seed round exceptional token sales.  London, UK, January 18, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – MyTVchain, a France-based sports, and blockchain webTV project, announced the closure of its private seed round that concluded in raising $880k from some of the leading blockchain VCs as well as private investors.  MyTVchain is a one-of-a-kind […]

The Crypto Universe Now Has Its Savage Meme Token: AngryKitty Launches to Set New Rules on the Digital Playground

New York, NY, January 18, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – AngryKitty, the funniest decentralized meme token for profit, joy, and charity, has announced the launch of its project. Aims at being the most hilarious meme token in the crypto space, AngryKitty seeks to foster joy, increase creativity amongst digital artists, and take advantage of the budding NFT market. An […]

The Metaverse Celebrates a Win with the Launch of the Nosana Token

Amsterdam, Netherlands , January 18, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – The Nosana Network is Solana’s decentralized solution for crowd-computing, performing the computations needed to power projects in the Metaverse. Nosana is excited to announce that after a successful IDO on which sold out in 2 days, the platform has successfully closed the funding rounds with $1.5 Million raised.The $NOS token […]

SAVAGE to launch the world’s first carbon neutral Photography & Video NFT Marketplace

New York, NY, January 18, 2022- (SEAPRWire)  – The SAVAGE marketplace launches in January, after an IDO on FantomStarter and Occam (Jan 17th-19th), and the $SAVG token goes live on on January 20th, 2022 (12:00 UTC). The increasing popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has liberated artists and content creators by removing the necessity of using bloated […]

‘Era7: Game of Truth’, Combining Gamefi and EsportFi, Will Conduct IGO on Binance on January 27, 2022

London, UK, January 17, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – ERA7: Game of Truth, the light Esports blockchain game, combines the best of blockchain games and Esports world to introduce a relatively new concept, EsportFi. At EsportFi’s core is the competitiveness of games powered by blockchain and DeFi to produce competitive arithmetic. The model gives users competitive game modes […]

Graviton Zero Launches NFT land in the Sci-Fi MMORPG Metaverse

London, UK, January 17, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Recently, Graviton Zero, a blockchain-based gaming studio has announced its NFT Land sale event and is expected to last until mid-February. Starting the 1st phase on Babylons NFT Marketplace, one of the largest on the Binance smart chain and followed by more top tier INO launchpads giving users the ability to purchase […]

Face Yoga: Game-Changing Skincare Routine Saving Women Thousands of Dollars

January 15, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Between spending more time indoors among recirculated air and the changing seasons, dry and irritated skin can feel unavoidable. That’s why women are turning to Face Yoga to promote supple, softer and more toned skin without the invasive and expensive treatment options of injections, lasers and threads. As the largest organ […]

IPFS & Filecoin – The Cornerstone of Building a Metaverse Ecosystem | ORIGIN Storage 

IPFS & Filecoin – The Cornerstone of Building a Metaverse Ecosystem | ORIGIN Storage 

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many people to shift their social, entertainment, and even dining, shopping,work and other activities from the real world to online execution. The boundary between the real world and the virtual world is gradually blurred, and the era of metaverse is quietly coming. The maturity of blockchain technology has provided the metaverse with core technologies […]

IPFS & Filecoin — 打造元宇宙生態的基石 | ORIGIN Storage 

IPFS & Filecoin — 打造元宇宙生態的基石 | ORIGIN Storage 

新冠疫情的肆虐,讓許多人將社交、娛樂,甚至是餐飲、購物、工作等活動從現實世界轉移到線上執行,真實世界與虛擬世界的邊界逐漸模糊,元宇宙的時代正在悄然降臨。區塊鏈技術的成熟為元宇宙提供了計算、存儲、網絡等核心技術,DeFi經濟模式的成熟也為元宇宙帶來了加密貨幣、NFT這樣創新、開放的價值新載體。 在元宇宙的浪潮下,許多企業和開發者都在積極擁抱NFT,發行獨具特色的數字藏品資產。ORIGIN Storage也在不斷優化升級服務體系,幫助NFT項目與開發者一鍵部署自己的IPFS節點,提供IPFS內容尋址和內容固定等特色功能。 作為專業的區塊鏈基礎設施提供者,ORIGIN Storage長期專註於IPFS與Filecoin領域,將業務延展到NFT甚至是元宇宙領域,或許是ORIGIN Storage發展的必由之路,畢竟數字資產、NFT的本質是數據,而數據的存儲以及安全,是元宇宙生態落地的關鍵要素之一。 數字時代的核心——數據 從 Web 1.0 到 Web 3.0,從被動的數據讀取到熱火朝天的內容創作,數據生產量發生了爆炸式的增長,當現實世界平移到元宇宙的虛擬世界中後,數據體量將再一次迎來指數級增長。同時,無論是虛擬身份還是NFT數字資產,其本質便是數據,在元宇宙中數據成為了價值的核心載體,由此可見數據的存儲和安全對於元宇宙的發展具有重大意義。 在軟件及算法的迭代與融合中,存儲行業從傳統的磁盤存儲突破硬件的物理限製而逐漸演進到雲存儲,但依舊無法滿足元宇宙生態的需求,中心化模式帶來的弊端將會給元宇宙的生態帶來巨大的隱患,正因如此IPFS所代表的去中心化存儲才會被認作是Web 3.0以及元宇宙所必需的底層技術。 元宇宙生態的基石——IPFS & Filecoin IPFS提供了一個高吞吐量、按內容尋址的塊存儲模型,及與內容相關超鏈接,實現去中心化、快速、高效率、可靠性、安全的內容存儲。IPFS 又開創性地引入了激勵層 Filecoin,允許任何個體利用空閑的硬盤空間和帶寬在公開市場上提供數據存儲和檢索服務,並將硬盤容量貨幣化,形成正向的激勵體系,打造具備無限擴展性的去中心化的分布式存儲網絡。 基於區塊鏈技術的分布式架構,會將數據切片分散存儲在多個獨立的網絡節點上,主張隱私保護、數據冗余備份等,同時Filecoin采用了 PoRep (復製證明)和 Post (時空證明)來保證礦工真實存儲文件的情況,防止女巫、生成、外包等虛假存儲數據的攻擊,在確保數據真實性的同時提供了充分的安全性。 元宇宙容納了龐大的數據體系與數字資產,必須確保數據永久、安全的存儲和調用,才能真正承載起數字時代的核心價值。而在元宇宙中,IPFS與Filecoin的作用便是作為底層基礎,為所有價值提供永久、安全的容身之所。 雖然目前IPFS與Filecoin的生態尚在起步階段,想要真正承載起元宇宙的生態還需要一定的時間,但市場中有著大量像ORIGIN Storage一樣的布道者和先驅者,積極推動生態的發展壯大,讓更多人能夠便捷的參與到數字時代的建設之中,助力實體經濟與數字經濟的融合發展。在這些先驅者的努力下,我們也許很快就能進入到真正的元宇宙世界。 了解更多詳細信息,請聯系ORIGIN Storage: 網站: 商務合作 銷售咨詢 媒體聯絡: 公司名稱:ORIGIN Storage 聯繫人:Amber Li 電子郵件 國家:新加坡

AMU Lists on Top 10 Schools for Management & Leadership Programs

American Management University has been listed in Vents Magazine as a top 10 school in the US and EU for Management & Leadership programs. West Covina, CA, January 14, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – American Management University (AMU), a California-based institution, has proudly announced that it was listed as #10 in Vents Magazine for top programs in the United […]