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Linkhum Announces the Launching of Its Newest Financial Platform

SEAPRWire / June 18, 2021 — Recently, Linkhum Investment Limited has announced the launching of its newest financial platform (, providing clients with a wide range of financial products, including currency pairs, metal encrypted digital currencies, energy, indices, and stocks. The company’s official website has been localized into 15 languages, and the customer service spans 13 languages, […]

Bitcoin Latinum Now Pre-Listed on CoinMarketCap

Palo Alto, CA / SEAPRWire / June 17, 2021 / – Bitcoin Latinum, the next-generation insured Bitcoin fork capable of massive transaction volume, digital asset management, cyber security, and capacity is announcing CoinMarketCap has pre-listed the new cryptocurrency ahead of its official public launch on exchanges across the globe in Q3 2021. Bitcoin Latinum’s profile on CoinMarketCap (currently […]

Innovative Platform is Going Live on BSC and PancakeSwap on 18th of June

Innovative Platform is Going Live on BSC and PancakeSwap on 18th of June

Dubai, UAE / SEAPRWire / June 16, 2021 / – DeFi got us absolutely astonished by its impressive run. “Does it seem like a good investment?” “How far can DeFi go from here?” Similar questions were asked when we first heard about DeFi back in 2018. Meanwhile, early investors were securing positions in newly-emerged projects like […]

Clarification Regarding Central Global Bhd’s MoU with China’s Huobi Mall for the Development of a Global Data Centre in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, June 15, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Main Market-listed Central Global Berhad (“CGB”) wishes to clarify that the information published in several news journals in China regarding a strategic partnership/Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) between the Company and/or its subsidiary, CIC Construction Sdn Bhd and Huobi Mall to build a Global Data Base Collection Centre in Malaysia is […]

Future of Crypto Industry, DeFi and NFT Perspectives Were Covered at the Closed Supreme Blockchain Conference in Dubai

Dubai, UAE / SEAPRWire / June 15, 2021 / – On May 27, the international Supreme Blockchain conference with a focus on discussing the current situation in the cryptomarket and prospects in the field of decentralized finance, investments and assets tokenization was held in Dubai. More than 250 high-profile blockchain industry professionals, experts in law and taxes, famous […]

Experience the First-Ever Virtual Rainforest World Music Festival 2021 for Free

KUCHING, MALAYSIA, June 15, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Be “Entranced, Liberated, Immersed” in a celebration of music, arts and culture with Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) from the comforts of your own home at no cost. The RWMF 2021 will be held from 18-20 June 2021 from 6pm to 7.30pm on RWMF’s official site. Registration is open from […]

RoboFi Launches its Power Ecosystem Fueled by VICS Token

Seoul, South Korea / SEAPRWire / June 14, 2021 / – RoboFi, a decentralized finance (Defi) platform that envisions a marketplace for revolutionary Dao crypto trading bots with IBO (Initial Bot Offering), has announced the launch of its cutting-edge ecosystem which is fueled by VICS Token. RoboFi has determined the serious need for a transparent Defi platform that […]

The Financial Investment Industry Goes Digital with the Help of AsiaPresswire’s Distribution Platform

Hong Kong / SEAPRWire June 12, 2021/ AsiaPresswire’s Distribution Platform has aided financial investment companies in their marketing and promotional efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital adoption wave has led to certain brands excelling over the past 6-7 months, as at-home workouts and health-conscious workarounds have accelerated sales revenue and online traction for multiple financial investment […]

Pangea Ocean Cleanup Announces World Ocean Week Campaign, the Crypto Community Can Save Our Oceans

Singapore  / SEAPRWire / June 09, 2021 / – PANGEA is an ecological organization, and movement which was founded in 2019 by three nature-loving travelers: Marcos, William, and Juan. Now they have announced a World Oceans Week Campaign to support their newly launched crypto token Pangea Ocean Cleanup ($POC) which will raise funds to place thousands of effective trash barriers […]

KOMBAI Builds a Wealth Management Ecosystem Benefiting The Community

Mumbai, India / SEAPRWire / June 08, 2021 / – KOMBAI Inu ($KOMBAI) is an Ethereum blockchain and community-based Digital Deflationary Meme Token utilizing a wealth management ecosystem to the great benefit of its supporting community. KOMBAI Inu is providing and protective of the community while also an aggressive hunter of opportunities for the benefit of […]

Prasaga & Quantum Generation Have Partnered, Bringing Sharding to the Space-Based Communications

BVI and Las Vegas, NV, June 7, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – The partnership between Prasaga and Quantum Generation(R) (QG) has been announced. The collaboration will leverage the fully scaling Prasaga DataGrid Blockchain (DGB) and QUBIT Blockchain(R) (QB) quantum technology to revolutionize communications, Fintech, iD and voting applications. Pragasa and Quantum Generation (QG) have announced a partnership to bring […]

Punk Protocol Announces Its Testnet Launching on Kovan Network

San Francisco, CA / SEAPRWire / June 04, 2021 / – Punk Protocol, a decentralized annuity protocol, announced its testnet launch on Kovan network on Friday, May 28th. Punk Protocol is the world’s first DeFi 401k (a representative pension plan from the United States) with optimal strategies to generate high yield. According to the OECD’s report – PENSION […]

Bitcoin Latinum 宣佈開創性的綠色倡議和啟動計畫

Palo Alto, CA / SEAPRWire / June 04, 2021 / – Bitcoin Latinum,下一代保險比特幣分叉,能夠實現海量交易、數位資產管理、網路安全和容量,宣佈了一項突破性的綠色倡議,以實現零碳排放。作為對可持續環境友好型的加密貨幣協議的創立者,Bitcoin Latinum通過基於結算交易的共識協定提供解決方案。Bitcoin Latinum 還宣佈了 2021 年第三季度的硬分叉和公開交易可用性。 Bitcoin Latinum是一種增強型比特幣分叉。 Bitcoin Latinum演算法和基礎設施打破了加密貨幣交易和應用的障礙和速度限制。 Bitcoin Latinum–在LTNM下交易 – 不需要挖礦,固定供應量為 888,888,888 個預挖代幣。包括比特幣和乙太坊在內的傳統加密貨幣,依靠電腦挖礦產生收益,會消耗大量電力和煤炭能源,這已被證明對環境有害。 Bitcoin Latinum於 2020 年 11 月向全世界宣佈,其目標是硬分叉並於 2021 年第三季度在全球主要交易所(包括美洲、歐洲和亞洲)公開交易。 據bitcoinmagazine.com報導,普華永道最近發佈了其第3份2021年全球加密貨幣對沖基金年度報告。報告顯示,“加密貨幣對沖基金仍然非常看好比特幣。” “到 2021 年底,比特幣的預測價格中位數為 100,000 美元……21% 的加密貨幣對沖基金預測年底價格將在 100,000 美元至 150,000 美元之間。” Bitcoin Latinum即將成為世界上最大的被保險的數字資產。Bitcoin Latinum已任命Marsh&McLennan(全球領先的專業保險經紀人和風險顧問之一)通過其亞洲部門Marsh Asia為其新的加密貨幣安排全面的保險計畫。預期的保險範圍將在外部盜竊和內部串通的情況下保護Bitcoin Latinum持有人的數字資產。 Bitcoin Latinum 於 2020 年 11 月完成了首次預售,全球買家數量超過 9 位數。 2021 年第一季度,Bitcoin Latinum 推出了新特斯拉 Roadster 的贈品,引起了大量關注。贈品的獲勝者將在 LTNM 公開上市後公佈。 Bitcoin Latinum代幣是區塊鏈生態系統的一部分,被媒體、遊戲、存儲、雲和電信領域的眾多公司採用。 Bitcoin Latinum代幣將由消費者在這些合作夥伴、供應商網路中的每一個節點上互換使用。此外,Bitcoin Latinum 增加了飛行中交易的安全性,並基於記憶體掃描技術增強了共識節點保護。 正如雅虎財經報導的那樣:“比特幣現在被認為是一種可投資資產。它有自己的特殊風險,部分原因是它仍然相對較新,並且正在經歷採用階段,”高盛數位資產全球負責人Mathew McDermott表示。 McDermott […]

Bitcoin Vault Founder Eyal Avramovich Announces New Strategic Partnership with ESE Europe

Warsaw, Poland / SEAPRWire / June 03, 2021 / – Bitcoin Vault (BTCV), a cryptocurrency project co-created by serial entrepreneur Eyal Avramovich and operated and managed by the blockchain development company Electric Vault, recently announced a landmark partnership with ESE Europe (ESE), a European entertainment and technology company focused on gaming and esports, to co-produce and co-distribute a gaming […]

Bitcoin Latinum Announces Groundbreaking Green Initiative and Launch Plans

Palo Alto, CA / SEAPRWire / June 03, 2021 / – Bitcoin Latinum, the next-generation insured Bitcoin fork capable of massive transaction volume, digital asset management, cyber security, and capacity is announcing a groundbreaking green initiative to achieve a carbon net-zero footprint, as a commitment to sustainable environmental practices and support of the Crypto Climate Accord. This will be achieved through […]


Hong Kong – 在新冠疫情的陰霾下,不少旺區頻頻出現「吉舖」。另一方面,市集和短租鋪卻以其靈活多變的經營模式,以及較低的租金,吸引了一眾創業者,成為逆市奇葩。而本土攤檔資訊平台攤攤邀的負責人就指出,要扶持本土品牌,還需要使創業者與消費者之間建立更便利、更緊密的連接。 建立資訊平台 對接消費者與商戶 攤攤邀的負責人指出,市集和短租鋪的經營方式固然靈活而便捷,但消費者往往出於信息缺乏,而未能及時到場購置合心意的商品,如果缺乏推介的渠道,對知名度不高的初創品牌亦很不利。另一方面,他亦指出,初入行的創業者由於信息不足,容易在尋找場地方面遇到困難,他們亟需足夠的相關資訊來找到合適的場地。 因此,他表示,攤攤邀的成立,就是提供一個資訊平台,以便做到消費者與商戶、商戶與場地的相匹配,同時使創業者的品牌得到更好的傳播。 細分海量資訊 提升創業成功幾率 在攤攤邀平台上,市集和攤位按照商品、場地、市集活動等性質,被劃分成不同的分類,方便瀏覽者找到想要的攤位。此外,平台還收錄並分享攤檔經營的資訊、心得、經驗等。攤攤邀的負責人稱,到市集和短租鋪擺攤是很不錯的低成本創業之選,但能通過市集脫穎而出的品牌僅是鳳毛麟角。他們希望為創業者提供足夠的信息、靈感及前人經驗,幫助創業者避開攤檔經營中的各種雷區,提升創業成功的幾率。 O2O低成本創業計劃 助本土品牌持續發展 攤檔的盈利往往受到地段的限制,能找到地段好、人流量大的攤位固然是好事,但對於有想法但沒有好攤位的檔主來說,這並不公平。攤攤邀的負責人表示,他們對此推出了「香港市集O2O」計劃,提供市集招募和市集報名的資訊,即是通過線上營銷來帶動線下消費。他們會以平台的力量,通過各種方式,為檔主們做廣告,打破地段對攤位的限制,亦方便消費者關注合心意的商戶。 他亦表示:“在創業中,成本控制亦是很重要的因素,如果入不敷出,則創業就難以持續下去。而攤位的租金是檔主們不得不考慮的問題,為了能夠「回本」,檔主們需要在商品質量與經營成本之間作取捨。為了支持有理想的創業者,解決令無數檔主頭痛的問題,「香港市集O2O」這個計劃反其道而行以「免租金」的模式營運,僅是簡單地收取分成,幫助檔主們低成本地測試市場及發展事業。” 要扶持創業者,打造響亮的品牌,用戶體驗至關重要。攤攤邀的負責人表示,他們將繼續完善評分系統、推廣方式等,力求商戶與消費者之間建立良性循環,讓攤檔文化深入人心。 關於攤攤邀 攤攤邀是香港的市集擺檔資訊平台,提供大量的攤位信息及創業資訊。特設「香港市集O2O」計劃,幫助攤主低成本創業及推廣,為消費者與本地商戶建立更緊密的連接。