Chainge Finance Announces Launch of Cross-chain Liquidity Aggregator

Shanghai, June 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via — Chainge Finance, a web 3.0 trading venue that currently supports 200+ crypto assets, has announced the launch of its unique cross-chain liquidity aggregator. Compounding as many as twenty decentralized exchanges [DEX] and nine chains + 1 liquidity aggregator – 1inch, the liquidity aggregator addresses two standout obstacles of the crypto market—the lack of an intuitive user interface and the absence of optimal liquidity. 

Through their highly advanced liquidity aggregator, Chainge Finance can compound liquidity from an array of DEXes cross-chain, thus eliminating the need for traders to constantly check for the best prices on multiple exchanges and networks before transactions. 

As the most liquid DEX on the market, Chainge Finance’s newfangled product guarantees the best prices. 

The Cross-chain Liquidity Aggregator—How it Works

Chainge Finance’s liquidity aggregator facilitates cross-chain swaps seamlessly. 

Once a user initiates a transaction request, perhaps swapping USDT for ETH, (regardless of the underlying chain), the Chainge aggregator algorithm explores all existing local databases comprising DEXes with supported chains for USDT and ETH pair. The algorithm returns the best DEX with the lowest rates for the USDT/ETH pair, then, employing cutting-edge technology, decides the best chain to split the transaction on, depending on each chain’s liquidity. 

The crypto assets are then instinctively sent to the chosen chains, and the amount of USDT is split between the DEXes, and then swapped. The user receives the highest amount of ETH they could get for their USDT. Executing these orders in seconds, Chainge Finance’s liquidity aggregator outranks and outperforms any of the other DEXes deployed for this transaction. 

Chainge incorporates a cross-chain swap pathfinder algorithm and the spectacular Fusion DCRM technology to accelerate swaps between DEXes and across multiple chains. In more simplified words, Chainge’s aggregator algorithm walks through various exchanges and chains, searching for the best and lowest transaction rates for traders’ crypto pairs, then splits the order across these DEXes and chains. 

Advantages of the Chainge Liquidity Aggregator Over Others 

As the first cross-chain liquidity aggregator on the market, Chainge Finances’s algorithm offers a wide range of benefits over existing competitors. While these projects claim to be genuine cross-chain liquidity aggregators with unlimited liquidity, the claims stand unproven. 

Multi-chain DOES NOT equal Cross-chain.

Classified as multi-chain projects they only bridge traders’ assets from one chain to another, not aggregating liquidity across several chains when swapping as purportedly claimed, thus Chainge’s algorithm is miles ahead. Chainge Finance’s liquidity aggregator swaps assets between DEXes and across a plethora of chains. 

Chainge Finance’s liquidity compounding algorithm offers the best price. It also has higher liquidity and dispels the need to check prices from various exchanges before executing transactions, ergo introducing hassle-free cross-chain asset swaps. Chainge Finance does not affirm unrealistic claims such as “unlimited liquidity”. Unlimited liquidity is virtually impossible as there is always a restraint regarding the assets in circulation at a time. 

Chainge Finance integrates a smart router technology that queries the aggregators, then ascertains the real-time liquidity for the crypto asset pair on all DEXes on each of the chains. With gas fees in mind, the smart router determines the best path to execute the order on. 

Chainge Finance further deploys smart contracts on all chains connecting the decentralized exchanges running on them. 

At the moment of writing, the Chainge DEX aggregates liquidity across 9 chains from 20 DEXs & 1 aggregator as follows:

ETH: 1inch, Uniswap, Sushiswap

BSC: 1inch, Pancake, Biswap, Apeswap

HECO: Mdex, Bxhswap

AVAX: 1inch, Traderjoe, Pangolin

MATIC: 1inch, Quickswap, Sushiswap

CRO: Vvs, Cronaswap

ARB: 1inch, Sushiswap

FTM: 1inch, Spookyswap, Spiritswap

OKT: Cherryswap, KSwap

About Chainge Finance 

Chainge Finance is the most liquid web 3.0 trading venue. Deploying innovative technologies, Chainge is the first-ever genuine cross-chain liquidity aggregator. Unlike existing competitors, Chainge’s unique, seamless, super-convenient, faster, and cost-effective asset swap solution is the best in the crypto space while promoting actual stress-free trade order execution. 

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