International peacekeeping exercise fosters cooperation among neighbors

Armored vehicles to be used in the Shared Destiny 2021 multinational peacekeeping exercise stand ready during its opening ceremony in Henan province on Monday. (LIU FANG / XINHUA) The Shared Destiny 2021 multinational peacekeeping exercise started at a military training base in Henan province on Monday, the Chinese military's headquarters at the exercise said. Troops […]

China organizes international peacekeeping drill

The 16th Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon were awarded the United Nations Peace Medal of Honor on April 6, 2018. (PHOTO / XINHUA) ZHENGZHOU – "Shared Destiny-2021," an international peacekeeping drill, kicked off Monday in central China's Henan Province. It is the first time the Chinese military has organized such a multi-national live drill on peacekeeping, with […]