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World’s 2nd-largest hydropower station put into use in China

KUNMING/CHENGDU – Baihetan hydropower station, the world's second largest in terms of total installed capacity, was officially put into use in southwest China, with two generating units in operation on Monday.  Located downstream from the Jinsha River on the border of Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, Baihetan Hydropower Station also has the world's largest installed capacity […]

Mitsubishi Power Concluded Three LTSA Contracts Covering Six Gas Turbines Powering Three 750 MW Class GTCC Power Plants in Egypt at Signing Ceremony

YOKOHAMA, Japan, Jun 4, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via – Mitsubishi Power, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, has concluded, simultaneously, three 16-year long-term service agreement (LTSA) covering six M701F gas turbines, two each delivered, for Sidi Krir Power Station, El Atf Power Station and Cairo North GTCC plants in Egypt. These […]

Hidden Champions among Chengdu’s Technology Companies

CHENGDU, CHINA, Apr 30, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via – From February 23rd to the 25th, the 9th Mobile World Congress (MWC) was held in Shanghai, China. A number of technology enterprises from Chengdu showed up with their innovative achievements and cutting-edge technologies. These companies are lesser-known companies – relatively unknown, small or midsize, […]

China, Russia welcome global partners in moon station project

The China National Space Administration and its Russian counterpart Roscosmos hold a conference for the international moon station in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province on April 23 , 2021. (PHOTO / CCTV) NANJING – China and Russia's aerospace authorities have invited all interested countries, international organizations and partners to cooperate in a moon station project. […]

Mega hydropower project in SW China to fully operate in July

This undated file photo shows an aerial photo of the Wudongde hydropower station on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in Southwest China. (PHOTO / XINHUA) KUNMING – The last four electricity-generation units of the Wudongde Hydropower Station, which will be China's fourth-largest and the world's seventh-largest hydropower project upon completion, have entered the […]