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Partnership expected to expand US agricultural export pipeline to Europe and Asia.

Dallas, Tx, – BP&D International, LLC, a Dallas-based agriculture and commodities broker, announced the establishment of a UK-based Trade Desk in an alliance with Clarion Global LTD, a London-based financial services, risk management and commodities trading firm specializing in commodity sourcing and high net worth client wealth building. The alliance, centered around the expansion of both company’s desire to expand the export of US-based agricultural commodities into Europe and Asia, is currently expanding its direct mutual broker base across multiple continents to engage the US supply chain.

Additionally, the alliance will serve as a launching pad to enhance the commodity and product offerings of both entities into more European and Asian countries. Exports currently include agricultural products, petroleum and oil products, biofuels, as well as gold and precious metals. Clarion currently sources for a variety of clients including the Italian World Food Program, various Chinese private buyers and several Central and South American-based companies. BP&D is currently engaged with US agriculture commission officials in several states including Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, as well as other industry supply chain resources to ensure the highest quality animal proteins such as beef and poultry, and grains including soybeans, corn, and wheat can be provided for export from local farm cooperatives. Additionally, BP&D is in partnership with a 70-year Dallas-based beef provider and is currently pursuing partnerships in Hong Kong and mainland China to further penetration in the Asian marketplace.

 “We are excited to expand our reach and partner with a proven commodity and financial services leader in Clarion Global – UK,” said Elvin Thibodeaux, Managing Partner of BP&D International, LLC. parent company, Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, LLC together with Brett Fickey, Managing Director of BP&D International, LLC. “Our collective efforts to expand reach in Europe and Asia will continue to provide the many countries in need of US-home grown agricultural commodities with a path for acquisition and import.”

Clarion Global – UK Principal, Nicola Carter said, “Clarion Global is proud to partner with the collective team of BP&D International, LLC. and Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, LLC. In the further development and export of the US-agricultural supply chain to the many needy countries around the world. Whether our efforts for the Italian World Food Program or that of supplying critical proteins, grains, fuels and biofuels or metals to buyers without the ability to be autonomous, we are excited to bring about the vast number or product offerings to serve our current and new clients in Europe, Asia and the Americas.”

About BP&D International, LLC

BP&D International, LLC is Global leader in the procurement and export of meat, poultry, pork, seafood, and vegetable products, and their respective derivatives. Sustainably sourced and guaranteed to the highest American standards, BP&D International, through parent, Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, LLC conducts trade practices through relationships with Bank of America® and several international shipping and logistics firms and is AQSIQ registered.

About Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, LLC

Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, LLC a strategic consulting and operations firm focused on emerging bioscience innovations for public health, strategic alliances, and global investment resources based in Dallas, TX, with offices in New Orleans, LA, and Winston-Salem, NC. In addition, Bizos Cavallo owns the subsidiary, BP&D International, LLC, a global leader in the procurement and the export of premium cultural commodities, including bulk grains, animal proteins, and their respective derivatives. Founded in 2017, Bizos Cavallo’s network included partners and a host of strategic alliances in the United States, Greece, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, France, Brazil, the West Indies and trade operations in the United Kingdom. For more about Bizos Cavallo, visit the Bizos Cavallo Enterprises website (

About Clarion Global

Clarion Global UK is a specialized company focused high net worth clients looking for various investment methods, including financial markets, risk management, trade desk platforms and commodities trading. Focused on direct client services and commodity transactions within petroleum and oil products, gold and precious metals, and agricultural products, Clarion services the Italian World Food Program, and has built a reputation for working with top quality suppliers offering the best in customer service to our clients.

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