Surplex Announces Launch of Full-Body VR Tracking Shoes

Seamless Movement in the Virtual World

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via — Surplex, a group of leading innovators in VR specialty devices, just announced the launch of the Surplex Full-Body VR Tracking Shoes. As lightweight and comfortable as a pair of running shoes, this advanced complement for VR games streamlines VR interaction and immersion, letting users move seamlessly through the virtual world. This powerful new VR accessory is coming soon on Kickstarter.

The future of digital interaction is based in virtual reality, and the transformative effects will enhance the user experience across every application. Entertainment is leading the way with games such as VRChat, Blade and Sorcery, and Neos VR all supported through SteamVR, making gaming more realistic than ever. But until now, users have been stuck in one place due to the limited FOV of base stations or encumbered with awkward sensors and wires to enable movement in VR. Now, Surplex VR tracking shoes are a game-changer, delivering the most comfortable and immersive VR experience without the need for complicated setups, base stations, dongles, or straps. These advanced full-body VR tracking shoes make moving through the virtual world seamless. With Surplex, VR interaction is streamlined and ultimately immersive. 

“Virtual Reality represents a new era for online learning, entertainment and fun. Until now, however, VR has been limited by the interactive tools available to navigate this visually stunning world. With Surplex Full-Body VR Tracking Shoes, that all changes. Our latest creation is as simple and intuitive as a normal pair of shoes and sets you free to move seamlessly through the virtual world. The power of Surplex lies in our self-developed flexible pressure sensors under each foot and proprietary deep learning algorithms to infer human 3D skeletons accurately. The result is the most natural and highly accurate way to interact with the virtual world. Surplex is more than a VR accessory, it represents true freedom for a fascinating new world.” – Surplex Founder Axl Chan.

Lightweight, wireless, and powered for six hours on a single charge, Surplex uses more than 240 flexible pressure sensors under each foot, an IMU to estimate angle, and proprietary deep learning algorithms to accurately detect movement and represent it in the VR world. Combined, these features provide the most realistic simulated movements and allow you to seamlessly connect the virtual experience with the real world. This advanced system eliminates effects plagued by other devices, such as occlusion and drifting, to provide more realistic movements that elevate the VR experience like never before.

Surplex Full-Body VR Tracking Shoes open up a world of endless possibilities for gaming, entertainment, and fun in the virtual world. Comfortable, ultra-light and accurate, they provide the most intuitive way to move seamlessly through the virtual world. This powerful new VR accessory is coming soon on Kickstarter. Learn more here.

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